Friday, October 26, 2012

Weigh in day

Starting weight 291
Last week (well.. Wednesday of last week) 261
Today 260

Yay.. a loss of 1 lb. and that is after a 5 day trip to Vegas. I LOVE MY BAND.

I am all gung ho for this 6 week challenge. As of yesterday we had 22 members sign up for the challenge. Much more than I was anticipating. That only means that I have to be the leader, the example, the motivator... not only for me, but these people who are counting on me. Comes at a great time too.

At my other job, with state government, my division sure knows how to celebrate the season of gluttony. They have this thing called "The Holiday Feast-a-thon" Sounds great right? No wonder we are so fat. We sit at desks all day, and stuff our faces for 20 days of yummy deliciousness. Last year, I had no self control, the winter was getting to me, and my division was so warm and inviting to socialize over home made goodness. I had gained probably over 15 lbs last holiday season. Sad, I know. :(

Not this year. Not only do I have that challenge to keep me motivated through the season, but I have my band! I have the scars to remind me everyday of my choice to get healthy, to change my relationship with food, and to make better choices.

What is your plan to keep losing over the holidays?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I'm back in the action

So... what happens in Vegas... right? I won't go too much into details about the trip, but it was awesome. Very fun. 2,400 Curves women took over the Caesar's palace.
Came back home re-energized to get Curves as well as myself back on track. Curves works, if you do the workouts.. which for the longest time, I would make the excuse that I was too busy to work out during my shift, and wouldn't come in on my days off. But now I have to. Even though this is just my part time, second job, I still love it, and need to utilize it.

My boss and I are hosting a bit of a competition at work. At first it was just going to be between us, but then we ended up creating a pretty cool team competition similar to the biggest loser. It will be a 6 week challenge starting on November 5th. We are gearing up our teams, and will hold each other accountable. I am pretty excited about that, because I need the tangible accountability of people around me. The cool part is, if my team wins, they each get a local organic produce basket, and I get to do our next radio commercial! How cool is that? I will soon be very famous, so be glad you know me now. :)

On the weight loss front, I gained 2 lbs, but then this morning they were gone. Must be getting rid of the "water" weight. Let's just say, I didn't do so well for food choices, but the band helped me from eating too much of it, but of course there are those "liquid" calories that just slid right by. Back to the plan.

Here's a little funny from the streets. We always like to promote a little Village People and a great place to workout. And yes.. that is how we found him. Hahahaha. Good times. (I'm on the far right)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Blahhh I am home sick from work today and had to come home early yesterday. Kind of a flu like feeling. I decided today to just stay on liquids and that seems to make me feel a bit better. It just is here at a horrible time. Because......

I get to go to Vegas on Thursday!!!!! I am going for "work" at the Curves convention I am going to have such a great time with my boss and friend. Off to warm weather and get to be surrounded with people who are all part of of an organization that helps and encourages women to get healthy. It will be a great re-motivator for me in my journey. I just hope I can kick this illness before I go.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

I know it isn't weigh in day, but...

I couldn't help but to update my ticker, because of my fitness pal. I update that almost every day. But.. I got back to 261 this morning, which means back to my 30 lbs lost. I was pretty bummed with this last month's progress, but I was measured last night, and I lost 9 inches last month. I think that is pretty cool. For a total of 28 inches lost since the beginning. It is a cumulitive of my chest, waist, abs, thighs, and arms. So while I was discouraged that the numbers on the scale were not moving, my body was. And that's what matters.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Weigh in day

Starting weight: 291
Last week: 264
Today: 263

Down 1 lb, but still not back to my lowest. However, I have been very encouraged this week, and I think I found a routine that works for me.

I feel great!

On a cool note.. I did something very Alaskan yesterday... I went down to the docks....
 bought some fresh, local prawns.

And cooked it up with some pasta (for my man, I just had the prawns)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My body is shifting for this NSV!

I have been waiting a year to fit into this shirt. Now, not only are the buttons where they should be and not ripping at the seams, there is actually some wiggle room. This is now going to be one of my favorite work shirts. So excited. 

Wait... it's after Labor Day... can I still wear white?  I need a fashion advisor.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

This is why I blog

..... You all are my inspiration and the best support I can get (really... there is no support group for WLS patients here).

I love that yesterday, you come through with the right information at the right time (Tina, LBG, and Rockband Barbie). This is certainly a journey, but gaining more and more knowledge about how to use the band is super helpful! I was eating more because I could and my body does get affected by carbs. Now it clicked in my head of what I have to do.

New(to me) game plan.


I can pack it perfectly, but all the goodies at the office, the temptation from my man because he wants to go out to eat instead of walk for lunch, the celebrations that all revolve around food... JUST SAY NO.

For now, a once in a while treat will have to come far and few between, because that doesn't work for me. When I hit goal and am maintaining, then I will allow myself those little pleasures, but I have a goal in mind, with a timeframe in mind (mostly because of a more than likely wedding that will be in my future :) ).

This post was mostly for myself.. a reminder, a scolding, and a plan. But most of all I just want to thank you for your continued support and encouragement. It really does mean a lot, as I'm sure you know, so thanks!!!!

Huge Cyber Hugs to all of you!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Starting something new

I'm trying to fight the good fight.. it is hard!

I track what I eat, but even though I am in my calorie/protein goals, I still hold on to the same weight. It all goes back to how my body responds to what I eat. I am learning about my body.. you would think that after having this body for almost 32 years, I would understand it, but I don't. I think it all goes back to how my body responds to carbs. I will do really good with protein and calories, but if I go above 50 grams of carbs a day (which isn't a lot) I totally feel the difference. I feel bloated and lethargic. Even though I thought it affected me earlier, I didn't have a range of grams that made me feel different. Now, I know that if I keep it at about 30-50 a day, my body is happiest. Sometimes I wonder if it is gluten. I have a friend that started cutting gluten out of her diet, started exercising, and lost about 80 lbs in a year. Does it really have that big of effect on people sensitive to it? I have never really paid attention to how I feel after I eat anything.

On a good note, I got back into my routine of exercising. I do Curves about 3-4 times a week, and I started the C25K program. I see so many of you all doing it, and I thought to myself... why not give it a try. The first night I did it, I got the biggest grin on my face when I started running. I finished, and to my surprise.. I ENJOYED IT. I loved playing my music, clearing my head, just being alone and doing something for me. Very empowering. Of course, I couldn't wait to do it again. I know it only says to do it 3 times a week, but since the weather has been good, I really want to get outside and keep up on it.

I am hoping that my body is just gaining back some muscle that I lost during healing time, and I will start to see downward movement on the scale.

Thank you all for encouraging me and reminding me that it should be how I feel. I do feel good, and people have been noticing that I have lost weight. I don't particularly notice, but it is nice to hear. I will try to post progress pics later. I didn't even do a one month Bandiversary post.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Weekly Weigh in

Starting weight: 291
Last week: 261
Today: 264

What?!? A gain? A weird large gain?!? I don't get it. I maintained my loss through my trip, then this morning this? I have been on liquids the last couple days due to my fill, so I was anticipating a nice loss... :(

Sad Panda.

I just have to remind myself that I can just get back on track, continue through. The Journey keeps going... but boo. So discouraging.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Behind the times, but lots to tell.

Hi all!!
Every time I sit down to write, I get interrupted for one reason or another.. and I don't even have kids... What is up with that??

My trip to Ohio was amazing. It was so beautiful, and the wedding was perfect. I was the photographer, and I was very thankful that the weather was perfect. The background showed blue skies, but a nice cloud came to cover the harsh sun. Perfect coloring :)
I did pretty good with my food choices, but I did indulge in some vino.

To my surprise, I maintained my losses. It is a known fact that when I travel, especially out of Juneau to the land we call "down south" where there are a plethora of choices of food joints, that I overindulge in the not so good for you foods. This time I only had Wendy's once in the airport. I was so missing their spicy chicken sandwich with a small chocolate frosty. Boo for bad choice.

I had my first fill yesterday. That was a crazy cool experience. Since it was my first fill, I had to do it at the hospital due to the fact that I have too much belly flab... by words of the doctor.. she didn't want to poke around, she wanted to hit it right the first time.
I laid down on the table and watched the screen as she was pushing the needle through my belly to the port, pulled out the saline that was in the band already, and filled it back up and added 2 more cc's. Then the table sat me up, and I swallowed the fruity flavored barium and watched as it slinked it's way through my band. VERY COOL. The doctor said my port, pouch, and stomach was perfect, and I had no trouble getting the liquid down, so I am now at 6cc's in my 10cc band.

I am on liquids again, which isn't so bad. It helps me re-focus. I can feel the restriction already, so that makes me happy! Can't wait to see the scale move again.

Our housewarming party is on Saturday, so I have been busy baking lots of fall goodies and treats, so in ode to my liquid phase right now, I made a delicious pumpkin protein shake. It's simple.. just take 1/4 cup pumpkin puree, 1 tsp each of nutmeg and cinnamon, 1 scoop vanilla protein powder, and 8oz water(I use muscle milk that can be mixed with water, you might have to use milk if you want). Mix and Enjoy. Yummy