Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weighing in today

I used to weigh in on Friday's, but ever since I came back to my blog, it has been sort of sporadic. But.. since it was a week from last time, figured maybe I will keep up with Wednesdays.

Last weeks weight 253.8
Today's weight:250.0

Soooooo close to that next 10 lb segment. I lost almost 4 pounds this week! I sure hope this pace keeps up.

This week my Maid of Honor is up here. We have been busy making origami flowers for the bridesmaid bouquets. They are turning out so good. We are also having our engagement party tomorrow, so we have been prepping for that. So much to do.
Okay.. bye fellow losers! Until next time.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I love it when I get it!!!

So last week, I posted about my epiphany.
I started off that week weighing 256.6
and today I am 253.8

That is almost a whole 3 lbs in a week. Am I really starting to get it?
That is exciting. Sure.. there were even a couple small slip ups, but I kept moving forward. It was a pretty challenging week as we have been getting record high temps of 87 here. :)
I was invited to BBQ's almost every night. I kept reciting to myself.. I am in the losing phase... there will be more BBQ's next summer...and I was able to say no to what I needed to. I was still able to sip on my water, have a plum, and enjoy the company of my friends.

I really hope I can keep the momentum going. I feel my band is filled just right, because I am not as hungry, and feel satisfied with the much smaller portions I have been having. It's nice to feel what it is supposed to feel like. I have only had this good of restriction a couple of times.

A cool side note...

I was walking to the ball field for my softball game, and I saw a good friend walking behind me. I kept going, and when I got to the dugout, my friend walked right past me. I said "Hey, no hello?" He looked at me and said he didn't recognize me from the back, and that he noticed how slim I was getting. Now, I had just seen him about a couple weeks before, so I don't know if he was just saying that because he didn't say hello, but I think he was serious. Hey.. I'll take it.

I am going to do one year progress pictures in August. I am kind of excited to see them. I can't believe it's almost been a year. Oiy.. I need to really focus!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


You know what… when I was preparing for 6 months to get my surgery, I read all the books and blogs, talked with doctors and nutritionists, and was committed to this life change, I honestly thought it would be easier.
Even though I KNEW it was going to take work, I failed to act upon my knowledge.
I am the queen of knowing how to maintain post band! But I am supposed to be losing, not maintaining. I fool myself into thinking that my body is different and that maybe I am just meant to be going slower than I thought I would be going. Here I am 10 months post band, and I have only lost 36 lbs. In my mind, I should have been at least 60lbs down.
What is going on?
I took a break from blog land to get away from successful bloggers, because I was feeling bad that I was not as successful as they were. I came back, refreshed, and ready to start focusing again, and you know what…. still, after a year and a half from the very beginning of my journey, my mindset was still wrong.
I was reading some of my favorite blogs, and I read something that just kind of hit me. Something to the effect of “I never ate that while I was in the losing phase…” and I was like… well, isn’t that funny. Sure, I have changed my eating habits dramatically since having Lap band surgery, but I pretty much been maintaining for the last 6 months.
I thought I was doing it right by the food choices I was making, tracking the food in my fitness pal, exercising.
Maybe that’s still the problem though. Pre-band, I would struggle to maintain. I would gain and lose, gain and lose. Post band, I lost and now I maintain.
Here is my epiphany…. And yes… I am sure some of you are like…. Duh, why did it take you so long to figure it out???
Maybe what I think is losing, isn’t. Maybe what I have been doing IS actually my body’s maintenance. I know I think to myself all the time, “Well, pre-band, I would have eaten a full bowl of ice cream, now I just eat a cup.” Helloooooo during losing phase, I should stay away from those high calorie sliders to begin with.
Epiphanated plan: until I get to goal weight, I need to be strict; I WILL be strict with my eating. I will NOT justify a smaller portion of “forbidden foods” until I hit goal weight.
Sure there will be slip ups here and there. I am far from perfect, but if I go into this new mind set of short term strictness, I can slowly incorporate those treats once I hit goal and onto the maintenance phase.
Long story short: I think/hope I get it now. Let the pounds start falling as my plan takes shape.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Hi Blogland -
I am feelin' good...
My newest obsession = Bike riding
The oddly, but maybe good/ bad part = weight gain

I am so hoping it is muscles. We have been biking about 10 miles a night, 5 nights a week.  Maybe it is just water weight...

That sticks around....

.... for a couple months.....

Maybe not. :)

What matters is that I feel great and people have been commenting on how my face looks thinner. I have a mini goal of loosing 5 lbs before my maid of honor flys up here at the end of the month. I am going on a refresh my mind mission and go back to basics and really focus. Wish me luck!