Friday, December 7, 2012

Weigh in

Starting weight: 291
Last week: 260.4
This week: 259.4

I broke the 260's finally!!! A loss of 1 lb? I will take it. It sure can be a long journey huh?

I was thinking before surgery that my mind was strong, by body was ready, and I was going to rock it like others on the blogosphere. Guess not. All I can do is my journey. But it does suck when I compare myself to others that are having better success.
Sometimes I have this fear, like I did before surgery, that I will be one of those people where this "last resort" weight loss method doesn't even work.
SLOWLY, but surely I am heading in the right direction.

That's all I can do

Keep pluggin right along.

Make good, healthy choices.

And stop self sabotaging myself!

I probably could have done a lot better than 1 pound, but I ate late at night, I didn't watch my carb intake, I only got 2 days of exercise in, and I blamed it all on a "crappy" week. That's what I get for eating 2 bowls of rice.

Sometimes I wish I had those painful experiences others have when they eat rice or bread.. the kind that makes you never want it again. I could really go for some negative reinforcement, but that hasn't ever happened.

It's time to change my relationship with food (not that I haven't been trying).

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  1. Hey you.... Just letting you know that I just now after 6 months and 4 fills have restriction to control my portions. Before 11/21 it was all me. 37 lbs I lost all me. I did not even realize ths until about 2 weeks ago. Suddenly I can't eat, get sick often and am never hungry. I'm hoping green zone finally ... I'm like you tired of the slw loss.