Monday, December 23, 2013

Picture comparison of one of my favorite shirts

My mom sent me a picture from two Christmas' ago. Just so happened I was wearing that same shirt today. So here is the comparison...

There is a bit of a difference, I guess. :) I forgot a real bra, and my sports bra doesn't really work with this shirt. hehehe
I have heard that the boobs are the first to go in weight loss... I wish! Take some, please!

Friday, December 20, 2013

First Un-Fill and Weigh In.

This morning's weight was 233.
I didn't post my weight last week, but 2 weeks ago I was 231. Not a bad gain, but I had seen 237 within the last week.

In case you have never had your band too tight, this is what is was like (for me).

I was throwing up after almost every meal.
I was afraid to eat solids, so I would go for liquids (not satisfying, and usually higher in calories).
Choking on said liquids was common... then the slime would come.
Waking up in the middle of the night, trying to catch your breath because the slime had trickled into the lungs.
And somehow, I gained weight through all of this.

At first I thought, this will pass.. the band will loosen up. It's better to be too tight then too loose right? WRONG!

I kept thinking this will pass.. but it wasn't. I needed an un-fill.
Funny, the things that pop in your head when considering calling your surgeon to do an un-fill - I'm a failure, I'm going to gain weight (wait.. I already did with it tight), I damaged my pouch...

Then, Lap Band Gal posts this. I don't listen to podcasts. I do now. THANK YOU LBG.

It was full of great info on how the band should work, how it does work, and how we need to think about the band, and the "restriction" level.

So, I had an un-fill yesterday. My surgeon took out .5cc. My 10cc band now has 6.75cc's. She is thinking my band is probably happiest here. I know one thing is for sure. I am happier here.
I am on fluids right now, but no more slime! No more choking! No more PB!


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Halfway to my original goal

I noticed my ticker says I am halfway to my original goal. I have no idea what my body will be like at that weight, but my doctor thought that would be a realistic goal for me. I suppose once I get there, re-evaluating could be necessary.

Tracking my food again has really helped, along with a .25cc fill I got last week. I feel satisfied, and I am really focusing on getting 80 grams of protein. That is when I have had the best success, is when I focus on getting enough protein.

So, I think it has finally happened... with the weigh loss, comes saggy skin (still fatty) but it is very annoying when I am trying to do jumping jacks or any other bouncing kind of exercises. It's like when I come down from a jump, my front is still up in the air.. really throws off my momentum.
I think it is time to buy me some SPANX. Have any of you found a style or even brand that works better than another? I would like a brand or style that would go well with sports/workouts, so strong, but not hot... if you know what I mean... I already sweat enough.

I wonder if my insurance would cover skin removal if it becomes even more annoying?

Friday, December 6, 2013

I am a bad blogger

I am not very good at keeping a blog. I will admit that. But I sure do like coming back and reading all of your blogs and seeing how your journeys are going. Mine is going slowly but surley.

My weight this morning was 231 which means I have dropped 60 pounds!!!

There is only 4 1/2 months until my wedding, and it would be freaking amazing if I could be in ONEderland by then. The winter months are so hard, because it is cold and dark, and I just want to sleep all the time. I have come up with a morning routine that I am going to start doing starting Monday morning. Here it is:

Wedding Workout Routine
30 Jumping Jacks
5 Push Ups
25 Knee Highs
7 Burpees
10 Crunches
7 Squats
5 push ups
10 Crunches
5 Push ups
7 Squats
30 Jumping Jacks
1 minute wall sit
5 push ups
25 knee highs
Repeat 3-5 times
Got that off of Pinterest :)
20 weeks until the wedding, so I am thinking if I keep up with this routine, and switch it up a bit after a few weeks, I can get rid of my flabby arms and tone my back. I want to look stunning in my gown.
Keep up the good work everyone! Stay strong through the holidays.