Friday, July 26, 2013

Hooked on something addictive

Starting weight: 291
Last (2) weeks weight: 245.4
Today's weight: 243.4

2 more down...

I was peer pressured into doing something that I heard can be addictive. At first I was scared. Scared of dying, scared of what people would think of me while doing it... After I did it, I felt hooked on it already. I mean, it was such a rush. Okay, okay. I am done trying to pretend this is a cool story. I tried a spinning class. Within 5 minutes, I was sweating puddles, but loving it. Bike riding for fun and leisure has been this summer's theme, so why not try it inside on a crappy, rainy day. There was pain, there were times when I wanted to run out of the class, but I challenged myself, I was the only one that knew what level I was on, and I just did it. Going back to that class is in my future. This time with better shoes.

Try it... You might surprise yourself like I did.... and might actually enjoy it.

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