Friday, July 5, 2013

Rolling on down the river

I am a couple days late due to the holiday, but here it is.

Starting weight 291
Last weeks Wed weigh in - 250.0
Today's weigh in - 248.0

2 more pounds down! I will take it for sure. So, when I first started this journey, there were a few things that I jotted down HERE as far as milestones/goals.
I made one this week.... I am now no longer too heavy for zip lining. And... if I ever wanted to do a helicopter/dog sled tour, I would not get the extra weight charge for being over 250!!!
That is a great thing, since this summer my fiancé and I work for a helicopter company for some extra cash for the wedding, and we want to take a ride on our tour. So excited about that.
We have been getting more and more active thanks to the amazing weather, but now that the 4th of July is over and Solstice has happened, it is going to start raining again. Sure, we will try to get outside as much as possible, but I really don’t enjoy riding bikes in the rain.
He has started working out at the gym before work, and has a friend acting as a personal trainer. I might just bite the bullet and start paying for the gym again and join them in the fun. He has a goal of a six pack for the wedding (which is totally do-able for him since he is pretty skinny already) and I still have my wedding dress to fit into.

Confession… I bought my dress in January, a size 16. Not a women’s 16, a real 16. I feel with the progress I have been making is still not getting me close to fit into it. Yes I have 9 more months to go before the big day, but I would really like to get there and not have the stress of not knowing if I will fit into it. I will have alterations done to it, because I want a corset back put in. I think, that too, will give a bit more wiggle room for whatever size I end up at that time.

On a fun note (and slightly embarrassing) I am 3 pounds away to what my driver’s license says I am. Hahaha!!! I never changed it almost 50 lbs heavier LOL! I won’t change it until after the wedding, so by then, it should be a much bigger difference. Here is hoping to be in wonderland by then!

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  1. You're adorable! I haven't weighed what my DL says since before high school and that was MANY moons ago LOL.