Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Halfway to my original goal

I noticed my ticker says I am halfway to my original goal. I have no idea what my body will be like at that weight, but my doctor thought that would be a realistic goal for me. I suppose once I get there, re-evaluating could be necessary.

Tracking my food again has really helped, along with a .25cc fill I got last week. I feel satisfied, and I am really focusing on getting 80 grams of protein. That is when I have had the best success, is when I focus on getting enough protein.

So, I think it has finally happened... with the weigh loss, comes saggy skin (still fatty) but it is very annoying when I am trying to do jumping jacks or any other bouncing kind of exercises. It's like when I come down from a jump, my front is still up in the air.. really throws off my momentum.
I think it is time to buy me some SPANX. Have any of you found a style or even brand that works better than another? I would like a brand or style that would go well with sports/workouts, so strong, but not hot... if you know what I mean... I already sweat enough.

I wonder if my insurance would cover skin removal if it becomes even more annoying?

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