Monday, June 18, 2012

Finding a peaceful place.

We have been having a very crappy and cold summer. Maybe it has been up to 65 degrees, but usually stays in the mid 50's. Not a typical summer... global warming my A$$... :) But needless to say, I am still trying to get more active. I really enjoy walking, and hope to some day enjoy running.. definitely not in my near future.. my knees just can't take it. So this weekend I traversed a few new trails that I have always wanted to see where they go, and between Saturday and Sunday, I logged 9.2 miles. I was pretty proud of that, because it is 9.2 miles more than I did last weekend.
Me, my boss (and my friend), and my man.
The trails were flat, paved, and pretty. I really want us to invest in some good bikes. Any suggestions on brands? I am tall, and do not like to bend over to reach the handlebars, so I was thinking of a cruiser style????


  1. I'd give anything for 65 right now...we're even hotter then AZ and drier right now with forest fires all over the place...thankfully I'm in the plains and not the mountains...103 today...

  2. We actually got up to 84 yesterday! So excited! A cool thing about living this far north is that we got to enjoy it from 4am(not too happy about that one) until 11:30 last night. We stopped at a bike shop yesterday to see what they have... I think we found some good options!