Saturday, June 2, 2012

Liquid diet or liquid success?

Soooo... This last week I decided I wanted to try the liquid diet that bandsters need to do pre-op and after fills, just to see how it is, and what kinds of foods I can have. I started on Tuesday and this morning I am 4.2lbs down!!!! How cool is that. I have been trying to lose at lease 10 lbs since my first visit with my doctor in Feb, and this pushed me to hit that goal (FINALLY!) Now I can't wait for my appointment on Thursday to show off my success. My doctor suggested "my fitness pal" app on my phone to keep track of my calories. I was pretty consistant at about 1200 a day with protein shakes, greek yogurt, soups, and V8 fusions. I even got my man, who always like to call himself Cinnamon Brad Pitt... AKA CBP, to try it with me. He is a funny guy! But it was nice to do it together. I prepared everything for us each night and brought him his "lunch bag" to work every morning. He only lasted till Thursday.. LOL. I am still going strong! I actually feel really good.

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