Wednesday, October 10, 2012

This is why I blog

..... You all are my inspiration and the best support I can get (really... there is no support group for WLS patients here).

I love that yesterday, you come through with the right information at the right time (Tina, LBG, and Rockband Barbie). This is certainly a journey, but gaining more and more knowledge about how to use the band is super helpful! I was eating more because I could and my body does get affected by carbs. Now it clicked in my head of what I have to do.

New(to me) game plan.


I can pack it perfectly, but all the goodies at the office, the temptation from my man because he wants to go out to eat instead of walk for lunch, the celebrations that all revolve around food... JUST SAY NO.

For now, a once in a while treat will have to come far and few between, because that doesn't work for me. When I hit goal and am maintaining, then I will allow myself those little pleasures, but I have a goal in mind, with a timeframe in mind (mostly because of a more than likely wedding that will be in my future :) ).

This post was mostly for myself.. a reminder, a scolding, and a plan. But most of all I just want to thank you for your continued support and encouragement. It really does mean a lot, as I'm sure you know, so thanks!!!!

Huge Cyber Hugs to all of you!!!


  1. Ok I have read everything and this sounds like a plan.. My loss is slow...... My god it takes me 3-4 weeks to loose 3 ls. I have went back and see my average calories is about 1350 but my carbs are steady at 120-140 per day. Looks like that needs to be cut in half.

    Let's do this cruise girl