Friday, October 26, 2012

Weigh in day

Starting weight 291
Last week (well.. Wednesday of last week) 261
Today 260

Yay.. a loss of 1 lb. and that is after a 5 day trip to Vegas. I LOVE MY BAND.

I am all gung ho for this 6 week challenge. As of yesterday we had 22 members sign up for the challenge. Much more than I was anticipating. That only means that I have to be the leader, the example, the motivator... not only for me, but these people who are counting on me. Comes at a great time too.

At my other job, with state government, my division sure knows how to celebrate the season of gluttony. They have this thing called "The Holiday Feast-a-thon" Sounds great right? No wonder we are so fat. We sit at desks all day, and stuff our faces for 20 days of yummy deliciousness. Last year, I had no self control, the winter was getting to me, and my division was so warm and inviting to socialize over home made goodness. I had gained probably over 15 lbs last holiday season. Sad, I know. :(

Not this year. Not only do I have that challenge to keep me motivated through the season, but I have my band! I have the scars to remind me everyday of my choice to get healthy, to change my relationship with food, and to make better choices.

What is your plan to keep losing over the holidays?


  1. I have no plan, but I think having one is a good idea...I shall have to think about that!