Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Can I pet what?

I had my "last" appointment with my doctor the other day, and when I told her I would come in occasionally and keep her up to date on my progress after I get the Lap Band, I quoted someone here in blogland by saying "I'll let you pet my port." Hahahaha. She looked at me funny and said "pet what?" I said "my port", and she just laughed at me. Oh well.. she has never had a patient go through this process yet (she is new to this town, and she is young, but very good), and has had a couple other patients ask her about the Lap Band. She told them that she has someone going through the process right now (me) and will let them know more..... Looks like I just got a little more motivation to rock it, so I can be the poster child for her :)
I sure hope we can hear good news from my insurance fast. And the wait continues.....


  1. Waiting for insurance approval sucks...I hope you hear something soon!

  2. That would be AJ over at: http://petmyport.blogspot.com/

    1. Oh ya. Thanks Lap Band Gal! I knew I saw it somewhere :)