Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Insurance and Sunflower seeds

Out of curiosity and patient responsibility, I called my insurance to check the status of my pre authorization for WLS, and they said they have not received anything. Odd... So I call my surgeons office, and the gal said she was missing chart notes from my regular doctor for 3 months.. Ok.. Odder(haha.. is that even a word? :) )... Needless to say, I called my doctors office and talked to my doctors nurse. She said she always faxed it the day after each visit, but she will get those over to the surgeon's office. That means I have to keep waiting. Seems to be the story of my life recently.
Oh well.. I get to move into my new house next week!!! Super excited about that.

My new house!
I also rediscovered my love of munching on sunflower seeds. When I am stressed, I really crave something crunchy, so instead of going after a full tin of pringles, I decided to grab some low sodium sunflower seeds. That seems to do the trick.


  1. What a brilliant food choice victory and great spot on the doctor front. What would they have done if you hadn't called? At least you have it sorted.

  2. Just wanted to say... your house looks CUTE! love the pond.