Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Stuck in the same place

Ugh... I can not shake the weight off!!! Every month I try so very hard to weigh less than I did at my last doctor's appointment, but so far it has only been 1 lb at a time. I can't seem to get past this 10 lb mark. I track what I eat, am well within the range my doctor put me in, I exercise 5 or 6 days a week, and drink my water. I know what to do, and in the past, I have been able to loose 15 lbs no problem, but now I am fighting with 1 lb at a time. And you know, when you don't see results, that's when you get discouraged, and quit putting effort into doing the things you know you should do.. well.. at least that's what I do. I guess this whole vamp is really putting into reality that even with the Lap Band, these stalls will happen. Am I going to put something foreign in my body, just to keep struggling like I do pre-band? These are the fears I have.
I'm still ready for the changes that need to take place, and I am ready to work for it.. Heck.. I have been ready 3 years ago when I started researching Lap Band. I have been ready since my first consultation, and have been trying oh so hard during this waiting period. There is no sense in waiting till the surgery to try and better my health. My BMI will still be in the approved range even if I lose some weight. But, no luck in moving this weight.
Bandsters - What makes having the Lap Band different when you can't budge the scale?

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  1. Sorry I must have been having a bad blogging day because I missed this post entirely.

    Absolutely nothing makes the band different. Sorry to burst your bubble but if you can stay satisfied and maintain your calories in the range advised by your doctor (usually between 1000 and 1400) without support then this tool may not be for you. The lap band restricts your portion sizes and keeps you satisfied eating small meals. If you can do that by yourself, there isn't a lot of point in getting a fake one put in. I couldn't. I love mine.It holds my tummy more in check when my head won't. However weight loss stalls all the time for many many reasons. TOM, sodium intake, caffeine intake, stress, just generally to be a pain in the bum ... stay strong, keep going, it will come right in the end.