Friday, July 27, 2012

Here we go

So we are off and running. I have my consult with the surgeon on Thursday to do paperwork and ask some more questions. They will go over my pre op diet then, but I don't start that till the 13th. Life just went into overhaul... Here is a glimpse into the next couple of weeks.
Tomorrow I have my first dance rehearsal for Hairspray (I am soooo nervous. Sure she can sing, but can she dance too? We shall see) for 3 hours.
Then a few friends and I are hosting a bachelorette party for my soon to be sister in law (my boyfriend's brother's fiancé). BTW, I made a scavenger hunt that should generate some pretty hilarious blackmail photo ops! Should be fun and wild times.
About a month ago, I agreed to cover shifts at my second job, so I am working straight next week from 8am till 7:30pm, while trying to move out of my house Wednesday evening, going to the surgeon’s office Thursday afternoon, cleaning and handing over the keys to my apartment Thursday evening, rehearsal dinner Friday evening, and busy with the wedding all day Saturday (while skipping out on my dance rehearsal).
Busy, busy, busy… but that’s the way I like it.
So, I thought I would get it out of the way now, since I will be wrapped up in other things the next few weeks. I am going to put this out here now, because I know when I look back, I will have appreciated it.

Highest weight: at start of doctor’s visit: 291
Current weight: 282.4
Height: 5’9”
Goal: 165?

This one I have a hard time with… I much as I try to remember weights, I know I was a size 16 at around 230, and when I was 14, I remember I was 145 because that the same weight as my grandfather at the time. (He is a small Dutch man, and my grandma was even smaller. She was the one who weighed me and freaked out that I weighed more than he did. Perhaps that is why I remember that weight.)
So I don’t really know what will be good for my body. All I know is that I want to reach at least 165, and see how my body is there.
I will post official measurements and body shots later, but here is one from last weekend. I look like a marshmallow man! UUGGGHHH. That is gross. And no... I am not talking about the halibut guts… I just want to look cute in tank tops… is that so much to ask?


  1. are gonna be super busy!

  2. You will get ya hand out that fish!

  3. Jealous about Hairspray. I LOVE theatre and miss it. It doesn't gel with my occupation. *sigh* And you are adorable. Keep taking those pictures. You will be glad you did when you have AFTER photos!! :)

  4. With your height, 165 will be beautiful on you! I am so excited to experience this change with you in blogland!