Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nicest Kids in Town!

That was the first dance number I learned on Saturday for Hairspray. Truthfully, I was so nervous to go. I like to dance, I have rhythm.. but man oh man I was a basket case. Turned out I had a blast, and caught up quickly to the people who have been practicing since May! Go me!This is going to be an awesome production. Oh.. and it was 2 hours of dancing.. I survived, and felt great!!!
My place is packed up... I move into our new house tomorrow! Super excited about that. But a bit overwhelmed on all the things I have to do still.
Thursday I have my appointment with my surgeon. I met her in February when I was referred to her by my doctor. I love her. She was very to the point, failure was not an option, and the office is very much wanting every patient to succeed. Plus, when I first thought of this surgery, I thought I would have to go to the lower 48 to get this done, but low and behold, there is a surgeon right here. That probably would have been a deal breaker for me if she wasn't local. Can you imagine having to take a plane or boat to get fills and checkups? No way Jose!


  1. Lucky you have a local surgeon. My surgeon was in another state... then I found one only a 8 hour round trip ride away... pffft... NOt good. It was a nightmare for fills and for followup. It is essential to have a surgeon close. Good call!!

    And YAY on 2 hours of dancing. FUN!!

  2. Yay. Congratulations on your approval and the successful rehearsals. Good luck with the move.