Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Call from the Doctor

So I got a call from my surgeon the other day, and she wanted to inform me of the recent articles and information about the Sleeve. I was caught off guard with her call for sure, hoping that nothing was going to go wrong, but I was delighted that she wanted to let me make my decisions informed. She didn't really have an opinion on which surgery is better, she just told me the "facts". She does however, think I would be very successful with the band, and that her local track record is a 95 % success rate. I think she has done about 35-40 lap bands in this town. Only a couple have not lost what they wanted to. That seems good to me. She also said she really likes to keep up with her patients and keep them on the track of success. AWESOME!!!
I had done my fair share of research on which WLS I wanted to have. Gastric Bypass was out. My aunt had that done, and she never finished losing her weight, she looks malnutritioned, and I don't like the idea of having my guts rearranged. Maybe she did it wrong, but that left a bad taste in my mouth about that WLS. To me, the sleeve is like a mini GB. I know a lot of people have had success with it, and have even converted from the LB to the sleeve, but I still like the idea of keeping myself accountable to my doctor for each fill, having something that could be reversible, using the tool and learning how to change my eating habits bit by bit. (or should I say bite by bite?) So.. I'm sticking with the band!

She also told me that I will have a 10cc band, and will have 3-4cc's in it after surgery. Hopefully with that I can avoid "Bandster Hell"!

I am excited
I am nervous
but, I'm ready.

Did any of you have doubt right before your surgery? I am still losing quite a few pounds on this pre-op diet, and I have only had one day where I was extremely tired and grouchy. But my horrible inside the head voice keeps saying.. well if you can do it now without the band, why would you go through with it.. or... maybe you didn't try hard enough in the past...
Of course I tried hard, of course I could not keep up with this diet.. I would get tired of it, stop making good choices, say the word CAKE and gain it all back plus 10 more.
Must be pre-band jitters. All I know, is that when I get my band, I am going to rock that thing! I have a shopping spree to get to.

And by the way,
I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who are reading and commenting. You are really encouraging and such great supporters. More than I ever imagined participating in a blog would uncover. I am truly lucky to have found all you awesome, strong, women who want to share their lives with the rest of us. THANKS!!!!


  1. I had big time doubts the week before surgery. I almost backed out of it. I am so glad now that I didn't. I think it's pretty normal to have some doubts. You will do great!

  2. Of course I had doubts pre op, but it was the best thing i have ever done for myself.

    Its totally normal, you are making a huge life change. You have done a great job at getting ready so I have no doubt you are going to do amazing!

  3. OK, so my two cents of why I did not get a VSG (sleeve):

    it's a partial stomach amputation. Yikes.

    What if I need my stomach later in life? That's why I chose the band. I'm also a huge believer in that the stomach plays a big part/role in our immune system/etc.

    You need to do what's best for YOU. I know you will be successful in whatever you choose. You can do it. HUGS! :)

    PS: If you didn't have doubts before ANY WLS surgery, I would worry about you. LOL :) It is perfectly normal to be scared/doubt/etc. Par for the course my friend.

  4. I had huge doubts before my surgery. Totally normal!! Sounds like your surgeon has excellent foolow-up practices... and that is extremly important with a band. =) Excited for you.