Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 1 Pre Op

I didn't prep as much as I wanted this weekend. Other things took priority. Look what I did!

I was am still so sore, and the pictures really don't do it justice, but I LOVE MY LIVING ROOM!!! It feels so fresh and even bigger.

So today I started off with some Greek yogurt. Oops.. it has 22 grams of carbs! My doctor doesn't want me to go over 30 grams a day for these 2 weeks. So that was kind of a bad start. I had a little bit of cottage cheese, some tuna right out of the can, about a cup of watermelon and grapes mixed (which had carbs too), and a protein shake. I like Muscle milk because I can mix it with water, and it has relatively low carbs/sugar. Really handy to have at the office.

I did great with protein, but double the carbs I should have done. The 22.1 would be the number of carbs if I cut out the fruit and Greek yogurt.
You see, the problem is.. it is only 4pm. Looks like salad for me tonight :)

I just sent the man out to get some ground turkey. I totally trying Lap Band Gal's turkey burger tomorrow.

But the cool part is, I am not hungry. You know when you psych yourself out for a really long road trip, and you surprisingly don't feel tired, even after 8+ hours of driving? I think that is what I did to prep/psych myself for this surgery. This is for a very important purpose. It is short term. It preps my mind for my new habits to come.

So I will survive :)


  1. I'm impressed with your painting skills. Want to come and do my house next?

    You will not only survive, you will thrive!

  2. I love that color! It looks great. :)

  3. I like the color too! I think there are less carbs if you go with plain greek yogurt and add some splenda or truvia...I'll also take plain greek yogurt and add orange dreamsicle protein powder to up my protein...and it gives it a great flavor.