Friday, August 17, 2012

Weekly Weigh In

Starting weight: 291
Last week: 281.6
This week: 278

Looks like this pre-diet is working. Goodbye 280's! I have been stuck on you too long.  The first day was challenging, but when I actually counted what I was eating, it shocked me how many carbs are in everything!!! Once I got in the groove of it, it is pretty easy and not too hard to follow. I am surprisingly not hungry (for now). I think I am a bit low on the calories, but I am motivated to do this right for the surgery. I just don't want to put my body in starvation mode.


I am getting nervous. But I am looking forward to having a week off of work. I really wanted my mom to fly up and "take care" of me, but the tickets in and out are so expensive, so that is out. My man is taking off my surgery day, and hopefully the day after (it's hard for him to take time off due to his HR job), but then I will be alone in the house the rest of the week. Good thing I have Netflix cued and ready to go.

Any preparation tips ya'll want to suggest?

Getting closer!!!! :)


  1. Go shopping for Groceries/liquid/soft foods/etc prior to surgery day. Measure you body so you can be prepared for all of the inches you're going to lose. Make a list that I call your "bucket list" of all of the things you want to do after surgery. Anything from dress size such and such to climbing a mountain (you get my drift). Lol
    You're going to do great!!

  2. Wow, only 10 days! How exciting! I know you will do so well. I mean look how you are doing pre-op!!!