Friday, August 31, 2012

Post Op check and weigh in

Blogland! Guess what? I have a loss! :)

Starting Weight - 291
Last Week - 276
This week - 274

Being post op this week, I have been bloated and swollen, so losing weight was not expected. Sure it is only 2 pounds, but I am stoked. The swelling is going down, but the gas pain came last night. Talk about a delayed reaction. Maybe because today I have been sitting down more. The last couple of days I have painted 2 rooms of my house, and converted/made an old bookshelf into a wine rack with an upside down wine glass holder. I have been pretty good at not lifting anything, but a paint brush and power drill doesn't weigh that much. Hahaha.

I just got back from my surgeon's office for my post of check. Everything looks good. I have some bruising, but all in all, things are awesome. I did mention I am sometimes having a hard time getting a deep breath, especially when I am wearing a bra, but she said it was because of the anesthesia. She said my lungs might have deflated during surgery, so I am just trying harder to fill it back up. Weird right? It isn't horrible, I just find myself catching my breath once in a while.

Eating (okay, drinking) has been great. I have been getting in my protein and soups. I haven't been hungry, which is I guess a perk of healing. I just have to remember my water. My doctor has me on the schedule in 5 weeks for a fill. At this point, I can't even imagine being tighter, but I am sure by that time, I will want one.

Thank you all for keeping me in your thoughts!


  1. Painting and Carpentry!?! You are a trooper! CONGRATS on your loss!

  2. Painting that are a rockstar :) I wanna see pics of your wine rack!

  3. Sounds like your doing well keep up the movement

  4. congratulations! do you have an one of those cool spirometers to breath in to? Or hopefully they sent you home with some oxygen :D