Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back to work

Holy Moly.. my first day back to work was Tuesday, and I had to go to both jobs, so that is a 12 hour day. I felt great in the morning, almost as if I had never had surgery. 2 o'clock hit and WHAAAMMM... tired, achy shoulder, difficulty focusing. I figured it was because I would sometimes take a nap at that time of day while I was recovering, so maybe my body was just adjusting. I sucked it up, grabbed a half a cup of coffee, went to my second job (which luckily is not a desk job), and all was well again.
EXCEPT the shoulder pain. It is still happening. Even today. My boss knows that I got the band, and asked me how I was feeling.. I just said... uh.. would it be ok for me to take my bra off? She laughed. I didn't really take it off at work, but I sure wanted to. Up till today, I was still having issues breathing. But it seems fine now. I just got to find a way to get rid of the shoulder issue.
I did a 45 minute stretching video last night. Have any of you heard of the Slim in 6 videos? Yup.. fell for the infomercial and bought the set about 7 years ago. Lot of good that did me sitting on the shelf right? So I used the "Cool it off" video that is all stretching. Boy did that feel better.
I also feel really bloated and the weight seems to drop, then hang, drop, then hang again. I am not too worried about it since I am still healing, but I am hardly eating. I try, but I only make it to about 900 calories a day.
The band seems to be doing good. I have noticed that I can eat more and more each day, but for now, it still keeps me satisfied for a long time. You know, all the research, and all the prep, and all the ideology of what is is like to have a Lap Band, still doesn't fully prepare you for what really happens. Since each person is different. But the biggest thing I am learning (which I knew pre-band very well, but it just now clicked) is that ya, I can eat small portions and not feel hunger for hours, but I still need to make well balanced choices. The other day I was like.. you know.. I really want a piece of that fried chicken.. so I did...The band didn't stop me from eating it.. but it did keep me from eating the rest of my "healthy" choice food because I was too full to eat it. Which is good, but I just wasted that opportunity with crap. I need to post my doctor's post op meal instructions on my fridge so it is there in front of my face.

Was there anything that helped you in the beginning to train you to eat band right?

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  1. Sounds like you are doing well. My best advice for band friendly eating was getting small utensils, bowls and plates. It really helped my mentally feel satisfied with my smaller meals. The small utensils helped me learn to eat smaller bites.