Friday, September 21, 2012

Weigh in day and a fill a comin'

Starting Weight - 291
Last Week - 265
This Week - 264
Ugh.. only 1 pound. This last week was so hard with choices and keeping track. I would hate to be stalled so soon into this process. Today, I am focusing on protein and water. So far so good.

The good news is that I called my doctor to schedule my first fill, so I will have it done on October 3rd. That should help.They said I could do it next Wednesday, but that night I am flying to Ohio for my friends wedding. The nurse said that would be a bad idea, in case I am having any difficulties, she wouldn't want me to go to the emergency room there. So I am waiting. She also cleared me for exercise again, so here I go!!!

Gotta get back into that routine. I plan to work out at Curves Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday for Zumba, and try the aqua Zumba class at the pool on Wednesday night. Did I tell you that I work at Curves as my second job? I have been there for 2 years, and although I love the circuit, I make every excuse not to exercise while I am there. Sometimes I am so busy that it is really impossible to get a good workout in, and it is hard to focus on me, when I still need to pay attention to the members. But hey, it's free, and it makes me show up there 4 times a week, so I should make it a higher priority... I can talk the talk, but now I need to show them that I can walk the walk. My boss just told me that she is paying my way to the Curves Convention in Las Vegas next month. I am sooooo excited to get out of Juneau. There is already new snow on the mountains. I need sunshine!!!! Plus it will really re-motivate me for the job. I love my ladies!!!

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. almost 30 -- that's great! great plan for exercise...I need to get back on that band wagon....ugh.