Monday, September 3, 2012

First post op dining out experience

I did it! I successfully managed a dining out experience. We had a farewell meal for one of our friends that we see almost every weekend when their ship is in town. We went to one of our favorite places, but I was nervous about going out. I can only have mushies right now. Luckily it was at the best breakfast joint in Juneau!
As we sat down, I was thinking about drinks... then I stopped. :) I don't need a drink. Then I looked at the menu. Now, here is the thing about Juneau... even breakfast can be expensive when you eat out. A simple omelet meal is well over $12 a plate. That is normal here, but I was thinking.. man.. I can't eat much and that is a lot of money.. but wait.. there is a sides section. I ordered 2 eggs and hashbrowns.
I took my time eating, put my fork down between bites (which didn't feel awkward like I thought, because the meal was full of conversation), and ate until I felt full then stopped.
There was a lot of food left on my plate. After a few moments of me not touching it anymore, our friend noticed and asked if breakfast had gotten the best of me. :) He doesn't know I just had this surgery. I felt kind of embarrassed with that comment, but I just brushed it off and handed my plate to my man. He wanted to finish it for me. And that was breakfast.

What I learned:
I am a cheap date - my meal was $4.
This band works already - I was full for 5 hours on a few bites of eggs and hashbrowns.
When eating out - there will always be an option, I just need to chose it.
I can't keep giving my man the leftovers, otherwise he will gain all the weight I lose. :)

I am not sure how I feel about comments made about me not eating a lot, especially when the people know how much I could have eaten before. I guess I will have to get used to that. It was sad to see our friend leave for the season, but that's what facebook is for. He shared with us his plans on proposing to his girlfriend, so I can't wait to see that happen.

Stay tuned for more.. I can't wait Friday's weigh in!!


  1. my first eating out was at olive garden and my family, I had the past fiagoli and just picked around the didn't even look like I ate kids made fun of me....I don't much like it when people comment on my food either...Even when I was 'dieting''s kind of annoying.

  2. Congrats on working your band. :)