Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Realization and Rules

This weekend was a true test of strength for me. For some odd reason, I was hungry all the time!!! I noticed I could get more down, and I wasn't diligent in measuring out my food, but when I did measure it out, I was still hungry. :(  What happened??? I need to go back to basics, so I decided to post the rules as a reminder to myself.
  1. Three small meals a day
  2. Eat slowly and chew thoroughly
  3. Stop eating as soon as you feel satisfied
  4. Limit drinking during meals
  5. Limit snacking
  6. Eat only nutritious foods
  7. Avoid fiberous foods
  8. Drink 64oz+ water each day
  9. Drink only low calorie drinks
  10. Exercise
I was also reviewing "The Green Zone" tips from the Lap Band Website. After reading the "symptoms" of the yellow zone, I feel like I need a fill.

  • I am hungry between meals
  • I am eating more than I should
  • I am losing, but was hoping for bigger numbers to start off with.
How do you know if you are in the "green zone"?


  1. I think the green zone is when you steadily loosing a healthy amount of weight, and you are completely ok with smaller portions. I have read thru blogs that it takes sometimes 4 or 5 fills to get there. Ive had 3 fills since may and I can tell I so closeose. I have restriction but I do feel at times I can eat too much. I can't eat breads..and some days I do terrific.

    Your probably yellow and may be for a bit until your fills are perfect for you.

  2. Sounds like you may need a fill. You should stay satiated on a bandster size meal for 4 hours. It is about the satiation... not restriction. If that makes sense.

  3. I would say if you are hungry in between meals that you are not in the green and need a fill. Talk to your doctor about it for sure :)