Thursday, November 1, 2012

Candy, vitamins, and fills, oh my

Good morning November!!!

Last night was a blast. I have never lived in a neighborhood that had kids come tricker treating, so now that we are in our new house with a very family oriented neighborhood, we had a lot of kids stop by. Because I am at the beginning of a challenge for weight loss, I was challenged by my team mates to do a push up for every piece of candy I passed out. That was hilarious. I would be in the middle of doing push ups, and the doorbell would ring again. I couldn't get a break. I probably did close to 100 push ups last night! Good times.
Here was my office party. I was Pippy Longstocking :)
So, I didn't think it would happen to me, but my hair has been falling out a lot lately. I don't like it. So I went to GNC and picked up some Super Biotin 6000 last week. The pills are tiny, so they go down without a problem, and call me crazy, but I think it might be helping. This morning in the shower, only a small handful of hair was at the drain. Yippy. I was warned to only take 1 a day, as to not grow hair where I don't want it to grow. :) Here is my regimen right on my desk so I don't forget.

I also go in for a fill today. I have been getting pretty ravenous after about 2-3 hours after I eat. That has been leading to my brain out talking my will power. I hate that. It is almost like an out of body experience when I am physically walking to the kitchen, telling myself no, it is just head hunger or boredom, but my body (muscle memory) takes over and before I know it, I have something going in my mouth. I would love to blame it on being possessed by some hunger demon, but it is my mind, my choice, my fault. I really wish there was a support group here. I need that breakthrough with my mind and food addiction. I want to have that Biggest Loser breakdown moment where it all makes sense now, moving forward knowing why I got this fat to begin with and dealing with it. But this isn't a reality TV show, it is reality. Let me know if you come up with the magic formula! :)


  1. My hair starting falling out quite a bit around the 3rd or 4th month. It never got really thin (I have a lot of hair) but it was annoying. The good news is that it stopped falling out and is actually getting thicker again :)

  2. Food addiction ... I'm with ya. Need a fill too got a couple weeks to go for mine

  3. I'm with Barbie. My hair started falling around 4 months but got a lot better around 9 months and is now looking much better. :o)

  4. Love your costume. :) Fun. And 100 pushups? Whoa! You go.