Monday, November 19, 2012

Going forward from a standstill

Today I weighed in at 262.8

I just can't break the 260's. I feel disappointed in myself, but I must remember that disappointment is not failure. The only reason I can believe that, is because even though the scale has not moved in the direction I would hope, I worked out 6 days last week. That's HUGE! I feel good!
I wish it wasn't so cold and icy outside so I could continue my C25K. I have put that away for now, mostly because I am scared to death about falling on ice while I am running. I have done it before, and my knees just can't take the falls. It would really be nice to have a treadmill at home. Would I use it if I did?
I have another fill scheduled for next Monday. I feel pretty close to a sweet spot, so I am hoping this next fill will get me there. Is there a "too soon" for getting fills?
You know what I was thinking? A lot of you have super good recipes. If I didn't have 2 jobs already, I would totally take on getting together all the band friendly recipe's you all have posted and create a book for all to have. Maybe someday I could do that. In the meantime... keep posting those great recipes!!!

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  1. We all hit plateaus. Try not to get too disappointed. And running on ice would scare me too. I think if I still lived in WI I would not be running in the winter and I might actually have to use a dreadmill. *shudder*