Tuesday, November 13, 2012


This weeks challenge is about life and exercise. Think this week about how to get more active. Is it taking more steps each day? How will you do that? Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park in the farthest parking spot. Take one bag of groceries into the house at a time. Walk in place during commercial breaks of your favorite show, better yet, try push ups. There are a lot of simple ways to up our exercise every day. What are you going to do this week? I want to hear it.
As a Curves coach, I get to see all the accomplishments my clients do. You inspire me and motivate me. Keep it coming, because you know I need it! :)

Today for lunch, I walked the halls and up the stairs at work for an hour. The fun part was that I never walked the same path twice. With 3 buildings and 11 floors each, I had plenty of room to explore. Tell you what.. I got my heart rate up pretty quick.

I am hoping for some good results this week!

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