Monday, November 26, 2012

Surprise, surprise....

Thanksgiving was great! I took Lap Band Gal's advice and wore my "skinny jeans". That, plus my band, kept me in check. According to my scale yesterday, I even went down by a smidge. That has NEVER happened. Yippeeee
Saturday, my honey and I took a "road trip" to the end of the road. I know, I know... the end of the road??? Here in Juneau, there are no roads out to the real world. The roads just end. period. WEIRD!!!
Here is a view along the drive

We were in search of our Christmas tree. After a few hours of toodling down the road, looking at the scenes, I spotted one down the ditch towards the water. We parked the truck, hopped over the guard rail, shuffled down the hillside, and got our tree.
Such a fun adventure, and it's perfect!
And of course, I decorated the house this weekend. It looks great, and makes me reminisce of the Christmas' with my family.
Here it is all decorated with snow in the back yard.

I also went in for a fill today. It was a very interesting experience. According to my doctor, my port is a bit sideways. It took her 20 minutes, 2 needles, and the threat of going to radiology to find my port. I was a human pincushion. It didn't hurt, she numbed it before trying, but it was difficult keeping my abs tight while she struggled to get the needle in the port. Success finally happened, and I was filled with 1 more cc. I think that takes me up to 7.5cc's! I am really hoping this one will do the trick. I need to see the scale move down more!

Happy Monday!!


  1. I love your story about find a christmas tree, here in Michigan you just drive to the corner 7-11 and pick one out of hundreds sitting along side a gas station.


    1. HaHa.. Don't get me wrong, you can go to Fred Meyer's and buy a pre-cut tree from some girlscouts, I just thought it would be silly to pay close to $80 for a tree that was shipped by barge to Alaska, when our whole back yard is nothing but trees. :)

  2. Eiik. Sorry about your fill experience. Hope this one gets you green. :)