Thursday, November 29, 2012

My wonderful Fill

So in my last post, I gave a little description of my fill. After all the pain and a couple days of liquid diet, I really feel a difference. A great difference!!! I am never really hungry at all, and that has really helped me make and keep good choices going.
Here was my food yesterday:
7:30am - 1 "fried" egg
10:30am - Green tea with splenda, gummy vitamins and calcium
11:30 - half of my spinach and chicken salad with balsamic vinegar (half of 1.5 cups = 3/4 cups eaten)
4:00 - half of my fruit and veggie smoothy I made (recipe below)
7:00 - Veggie and Chicken stir fry - 1 cup

65 grams of protein
97 grams of Carbs (a bit high for what I prefer for my body, but it's the fruit)
823 calories
How many calories do you usually stay around?
The thing of it is, I wasn't hungry, so I didn't force myself to eat. I focused on protein and wholesome foods, and I didn't have a desire to eat more or crave the things I usually do. This was the first time since 2 weeks after my surgery that I have felt like this.. AND I LOVE IT!!!

I'm not going to lie.. I was feeling discouraged that I haven't been able to lose weight consistently, and I voiced that to my doctor. She said that sometimes it happens that way for a bit, then all of a sudden, your body let's go, and you get on a roll. I sure hope she is right and not just saying that to make me feel better.

I do not ever regret getting the band. Even though the scale hasn't been so nice to me, the band has really made me aware of my body more. Aware of when to stop eating (even though I didn't always listen). Aware of my calories in and out. Love my band.

So my fruit and veggie shake was given to me by a friend. I think she got it from Dr. Oz or something. Maybe this is a rendition of it.
I have a magic bullet, so I put everything in at once, blend, and enjoy (or refrigerate it for later... it turns funky colors).

1/4c spinach
1 cup frozen mixed berries
1 banana
1/4c kale
1 TBLS Almond Butter
1c water
1 TBLS ground flax seed
2 TBS Lemon Juice

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  1. So glad this fill is working for you!!! Green Zone...great place to be!